A Perfect Dental Implants Service

Teeth are lost due to disease or trauma which may come in the form of excessive biting forces or accident. The disease is mostly tooth decay or periodontal disease, but there are other categories such as cancer and other disease which may contribute to tooth loss and because of this a dental implant in Markham would be essential. Studies have also revealed that more than 50% of the populations have more than one missing tooth and this has an obvious effect on the well-being of such individual. The interesting part is that an experienced dentist in Markham can remove the remaining tooth and provide dental implants in Markham so as to secure a new tooth. Whenever a single tooth is lost, it would result to tooth decay or periodontal disease. In some cases, these can be treated just like front teeth, but will consume a lot of time.

A professional dentist in Richmond Hill can also provide teeth cleaning services so as to ensure the teeth is very clean and does not have any disease causing organism.

In most cases, the treatment for a single missing back tooth includes:

The extraction of damaged teeth and grafting of the root sockets, you will then wait for four months after which the placement of a dental implant will be done. The placement of an abutment on the dental implant would be done within 4-6 weeks, after which you’ll wait for three weeks before the permanent attachment of the abutment to the implant as well as the cementation of the crown to the abutment.

It is not very essential to replace a missing tooth in the back because it is not as evident as a missing tooth in the front, but it is also important. Teeth are very movable and we have all witnessed a dentist in Markham putting tension on a tooth with a small rubber band so that he would be able to move it wherever he wants. Each and every tooth in the mouth has a position as well as a function. Whenever there is a missing tooth in the body, the body will shift adjacent teeth into the space created. After a long period of time, a missing tooth may result to a change in the position of every other tooth in the mouth. There is a possibility of developing malocclusion which may contribute to headaches, dysfunction, and muscle spasms in the neck as well as shoulders, tooth decay, periodontal disease as well as other problems. This is because these problems develop in rare situations and may be after a year after losing a single tooth. Although some people would ignore a single missing tooth, which may result to a shame, but the development of dental implant in Markham has encouraged many people to seek early treatment so as to avoid the shame.

The loss of multiple teeth usually follows a single tooth because when a tooth is lost without replacement, it would hasten the loss of other teeth. The problem would be compounded with the loss of multiple teeth. Moreover, there are additional problems which include the following:

The collapse of the vertical dimension: – with the loss of multiple back teeth, the mouth will lose their support whenever the mouth is closed so that the chin will get closer to the nose. This would result to deep folds at the corner of the mouth and thinning of the lips and this can easily age the appearance of most individuals. This is why the service of dental implant in Markham is needed to resolve the problem.

The collapse of facial structure: – Once many back teeth are lost, it would result to the loss of facial support of the cheek and cause sunken look as well as a premature aging.

Loss of Bone: – The support of our tooth root is the natural purpose of our upper and lower jaw bones. Once the roots are lost, the bone would begin to melt away just like an unused muscle. This would result to a further loss of facial support and may make it impossible to wear an artificial prosthetic. It can also make it difficult to have dental implant in Markham because it will give dentists in Richmond hills a lot of challenges.