Belladonna Homeopathic Remedy – Health & Fitness

Belladonna is often indicated in children, since it is suited to those who are normally robust and healthy but come down with a crash when ill. The child will have a red hot flushed face with no sweat (she sweats only on covered parts), she will be red hot and throbbing: you will be able to feel the heat coming from her skin. Her eyes will be noticeably glittery with dilated pupils; she will be less restless than A&mite, more drowsy, she may be thirsty but not as much as Aconite.

She will not be so fearful and anxious as Aconite, although in delirium she may see faces and horrible animals. She will be better for warmth and will not want to be uncovered, the opposite of Aconite. There may be a lot of twitchy convulsive movements, especially in sleep. It can be used in convulsions that occur with teething. The child will be extremely sensitive to the light, will not be able to bear it, It is an acute remedy for any inflammatory conditions marked by heat, redness, pain, tenderness, sensitivity and restlessness. So ears may be affected with acute earache, there may be sore throats, acute tonsillitis, scarlatina. The earache might tend to be in the right ear and be worse for sudden movement, touch or jarring, better for heat and stillness.

Belladonna is indicated in the stage before there is any discharge. Wherever there is a rash it will be red, hot and dry: the unaffected skin will be pale. It may be indicated in German measles (rubella) with tender swollen glands in the neck. There is an acute Belladonna rage and temper, when the child throws things and may kick and bite. This may be seen in fever or in children who become hyperactive for any reason. The reason is often sensitivity to sugar in any form, preservatives and colourings in food, especially tartrazine, the orange colourings, or to other chemicals. See how your child’s behaviour changes if you take care to eliminate these things from her diet for a few days. If it docs not change, allergy tests are available which may reveal a more idiosyncratic food sensitivity. (Arsenicum alb, Chamomilla and Calcarea carbonica should also be considered in the case of suspected food sensitivities).

The Chamomilla picture is very easy to recognize. The child is very irritable and cross; she will work herself up into a terrible temper, and nothing you do will be right even if you do what she asks. She will ask for a toy then throw it away when it’s given to her. She won’t want to be spoken to or even looked at. She is intensely restless and wants to move about all the time. Being carried is the only thing that will pacify her. Whatever the complaint the pain will be terrible, unbearable. She will scream and scream and double up with pain. Sometimes she might even scream so much that she goes into convulsions. The child is generally very hot whatever the complaint; she will have a hot head and burning feet. Her face will be flushed, often with one cheek pale, especially when teething or when she has a high temperature in fever.

She will be generally very thirsty, especially for cold water. The remedy is particularly indicated in colic and teething problems, especially where the two occur together. The child will be cross at night and have tender inflamed gums which may be relieved by cold applications. Toothache is improved by holding cold water in the mouth and can sometimes be brought on by warm things in the mouth. Colic is improved by hot applications. It usually comes on after anger or screaming: there is wind and greenish diarrhoea. The remedy is also well indicated in earache; the child will not want to be touched and will be extremely irritable, feel the pain to be totally unbearable.