I Was Like Wait What, I Never Knew That?

Onto issue number 2: when I do my laundry I don’t turn it inside out. She mentors international exchange students and many of them are filthy rich and have never done laundry a day in their lives. But now that they’re here in the good ol’ US of A they have to do it themselves. She was telling me about how they don’t know that you’re supposed to turn the clothes inside out before putting them in the wash. I was like wait what, I never knew that? Like I’ve been doing laundry my whole life and nobody’s ever taught me that. She got angry because this whole time when I do laundry for both of us, I don’t turn the clothes inside out. I asked her if her clothes are less clean because of that and when she admitted that that’s not the case, I asked her what the problem was. She said that shouldn’t act like a child and despite my “lack of home training” I should know how to do these things and that she never really got over the whole toothbrush issue. I started getting defensive because she didn’t need to insult me like that and it just escalated into this big thing. Eventually I got sick & tired of arguing so I went to the library and that’s where im writing this from. AITA?

Edit: Some people have brought up that its a waste of water to sit there and brush your teeth while the water runs and I agree but that’s not what I do. I brush my teeth with my left hand and then do everything else with my right hand at the same time. Perks of being ambidextrous I guess.